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We are an Investment Group Specializing
in Facilitating Transactions


Investment Deals in the Game


Our Approach

We specialize in the acquisitions of all Technology & Manufacturing Companies.

We expect future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return for Investors. The return may consist of Capital gain and or investment income, including dividends, interests, Real Estate income.

Deal Creation

The main focus of the Dean Hughes Group is deal generation.For either the buy or sell side, we have a proven seven stop process.


Through our extensive personal relationships and network or contacts, we have developed a detailed VC/Private Equity and banking Database.


We have built a reputation for successfully (and confidentiality)negotiating and resolving difficult situations, up to and including “Global sized companies”.
Introduction to the Dean Hughes Group
The Dean Hughes Group is a Toronto based investment and banking group with particular focus on making and actively managing direct investment in North America, Europe and Asia, both as principal and on behalf of selected coinvestors. We seek to acquire equity stake to companies with growth perspectives, usually in the form of pre-IPO funding, with a view of assisting them with their continued development managerial and strategically and ultimately securing a realization of our investment through flotation or sale.
An Investor without Investment Objects is like a traveler without a destination.
Howard Vernon to "Long time Investor"
Investment Company
The Team

Meet the Team

Howard Vernon

Founder & Managing Partner

Sarah Johnson


Paul Jenkins


Melinda Davis

Senior Associate
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